Wizards A Sign of Ukraine War Escalation?

by | Jul 9, 2022 | Ukraine, Wizards | 0 comments

There has been considerable chatter on Telegram about the possible use of Wizards in the Donbas. Until yesterday, however, no conclusive evidence had been brought forward.

Twitter expert RastaMon3 has geo-located a Wizard to the Donbas. Note the W62 model wand.

Not only does this represent a significant escalation in the use of military software in the war, it promises to change the type of war being fought.

Rob L. Aiee notes, “There’s a difference in soldier-quality between pressed-ganged Luhansk drunks and a 2,000 year old wizard waving a twig.” He ripples his muscles meditatively and then continues. “At least I think there’s a difference.”

Military analyst Schlmichael Mottman caution against over-reaction, however.

“One W62 Wizard is not a game changer. Not even close. The bridge #RastaMon geo-located was destroyed by Ukrainian artillery minutes later.”

Nevertheless, the potential for dangerous escalation is real. Palantir Enhanced Ordnance (PEO) combined with wizardry, has the potential to be a game-changer. Russia so far has refused to engage its sole palantir (assuming it exists). German Chancellor Putz continues to veto any magic crystal-ball aid from NATO, noting that “Germany will have to defend itself after Russia finishes destroying Ukraine.”

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