Want to Lie About Climate Change? Why Not Host a Party!

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As a conservative, you doubtless already know about changing our understanding of the past and then making the present conform to it. But conservatism is also about misrepresenting the future!

We all know that plutocrats – and their servants – in the future will retreat first to armed underground bunkers and ultimately to space orbitals.

If you’re reading this, that includes you.

So how do we get from here to there?

Misinformation parties! They may not be the entire solution, but they’re the rage.

Village by La Grange: Because the death of Earth is inevitable, future generations of plutocrats (and their servants) will likely live in 70s-themed space pods.

Note: This joke is explicitly based on a brochure published by the (now defunct) George C. Marshall Institute in 2014. If any reader has a copy please forward it to editor@apocalypsereview.com.

A black humor parody about the Andijan massacre
A parody of so-called 'Objectivists' like Scott Walker, who are no more than shills.
Photoshop didn't exist so of course these photos are real!

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