Grassley Celebrates 1,000 birthday!

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Nothing says plutocracy like a thousand year old white man who has ruled since his twenties. So there was lots to celebrate as Senator Chuck Grassley celebrated his one thousandth birthday last Thursday.

Quote: “People under-estimate how much perspective millenarials bring to Congress. For example, when Chuck was young most abortions were conducted by witches who lived in wattle-and-daub huts at the edge of town. When he restricts your access to abortion its not just because he’s protecting you from yourself, little woman. He’s also protecting you from Satan.”

And of course he was present at the signing of the Magna Carta along with Diane Feinstein. His relationship with the Baron’s – and their Democratic Moderate shills – has been long and enduring.

Grassley and Feinstein at the signing of the Magna Carta.

Grassley’s first campaign poster, for Wittenburg Alderman. The text reads:
“Abortion is like a rat gnawing on the head of a live sheep.” The campaign was successful and he has held public office continuously ever since.

Grassley was present when the Mongols sacked Kyiv in 1241. This provides an historical perspective to his decision to look the other way when President Trump held up arms deliveries to Ukraine in 2018.
A black humor parody about the Andijan massacre
A parody of so-called 'Objectivists' like Scott Walker, who are no more than shills.
Photoshop didn't exist so of course these photos are real!

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